They Kidnap Horses, Don’t They?

Not to be confused with the 1969 movie, “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”

Although I’m no longer a sports fan, as an ex-Philadelphian, I’m glad the Eagles won the Super Bowl. Trust me, it has been a long, hard road for that franchise and its fans. As I look at 2018’s post-game mayhem, I’m reminded of the Philadelphia Phillies 2008 World Series victory riot. Below are a few of my images from that war zone. That night, I saw things that no human should witness but this Super Bowl “celebration” exceeded my expectations. This time, they even stole police horses!

067_103008_Phillies_fan_celebration045_103008_Phillies_fan_celebration044_103008_Phillies_fan_celebration088_103008_Phillies_fan_celebration073_103008_Phillies_fan_celebration027_103008_Phillies_fan_celebration024_103008_Phillies_fan_celebration096_103008_Phillies_fan_celebration058_103008_Phillies_fan_celebration053_103008_Phillies_fan_celebrationCopyright 2008 jtolbertjr



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