Guides: ‘Stories in 3 Frames’

Over time, I’ve noticed patterns in how I edit photographs and express ideas. This post best represents how I tell stories. It might work for you if you are not into or able to spend time on photographic projects and narratives. These are my ‘Stories in 3 Frames.’


Mountain guides before, during, and after the long journey up Mount Sinai. If you can get past the dust, mixed with camel dung, the trip up the mountain, almost in total darkness, is quite an experience. It’s the long, jarring walk back that will shake you up.



Mount Sinai, Egypt 2010

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A former event photographer, I became an early adopter of, advocate for, and then digital camera addict. After a million frames and thousands of dollars spent, I refuse to be distracted checking battery levels, scene modes, number of megapixels, video settings, and other marketing gimmicks that promote technology over the eyes of the photographer. One camera; one focal length; a focused perspective.