A Point-and-Shoot Wedding

I couldn’t help myself. I tried to be a “guest.” As a former wedding photographer, I had the very best intentions of “laying low.” Hell,  I even bought my granddaughter’s point-and-shoot camera, still sporting the “My Little Pony” decals, to make sure that I didn’t get caught up in the moment.

But the minute I stepped through the church doors, my eyes immediately scanned the light and space. My mind started composing in 28 mm…50 mm. Flashbacks of my glory days only emboldened me.  I gave up trying to suppress what gave me joy!

As this was an evening wedding and the light was deteriorating, I made some adjustments and still obtained a respectable number of images considering I only had a “point-and-shoot.” Consumer-oriented point-and-shoot cameras are small, lightweight, and easy to maneuver but aren’t the most responsive cameras for a wedding. But that didn’t matter, my pictures went over well not because of the camera or photographer, but because they captured important moments.  It’s Not Complicated.

Thanks to Andrea, the hired pro, for allowing me to share the space.  🙂






Snapseed_1 copy

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A former event photographer, I became an early adopter of, advocate for, and then digital camera addict. After a million frames and thousands of dollars spent, I refuse to be distracted checking battery levels, scene modes, number of megapixels, video settings, and other marketing gimmicks that promote technology over the eyes of the photographer. One camera; one focal length; a focused perspective.

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