nuff said

In my come-back post, I indicated that I ‘d be including political commentary. At times, the level of chaos in the world overwhelms me. Donald Trump is a Trojan Horse for the right-wing crazies that intend to enslave or kill most of us. I’m very clear about this. Photography is the center in my life but I can’t look the other way while these psychopaths are on the loose.
I was hoping to incorporate strategies to help all get through this mess. But first, I needed to identify what the problem is. After all, the mainstream media has confused us and sugarcoated the threat. I can’t do any better than what Daniel Milnor has written. He nails it…period. nuff said.

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A former event photographer, I became an early adopter of, advocate for, and then digital camera addict. After a million frames and thousands of dollars spent, I refuse to be distracted checking battery levels, scene modes, number of megapixels, video settings, and other marketing gimmicks that promote technology over the eyes of the photographer. One Camera, One Lens, A Wide Perspective.

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